Additional Steep Sloped Roofing Options

Looking for aesthetic or curb appeal?
Whether you are looking for a roofing product to add prestigious appeal to your home/business or live in a historic area and need to meet historic code, look no further.  Below is information about each product to aid in the selection process.  Contact us today for more information.  Be sure to visit our Residential Portfolio page to see samples of homes that we have done.

Synthetic Material Roofing Installation
A premium roofing material, usually used where shakes cannot be installed (due to code restrictions), where a shake look is desired. Slate versions are usually installed where a slate look is desired but not able to withstand the weight of slate.  Synthetic products can consist of recycled materials and contain no asphalt material. For installation information, fill out our form.

DaVinci Composite Shake Tile (Weathered Gray)

Product Brand Examples:

  • Eco-Star, made by Carlisle (Slate styles)
  • CertainTeed Symphony
  • Inspire
  • DaVinci (Wood styles)

Stone Coated Metal Roofing Installation
A premium roofing material consisting of stamped metal panels and surface applied ceramic granules.  These panels are hail and wind resistant.  This product can provide an owner with a tile like look using an extreme light weight material. For installation information, fill out our form.

Metal roofing installation
Decra Tile (Chestnut)

Product Brand Examples:

  • Decra – Shake, Tile, & Shingle styles

Concrete/Clay Tile Roofing Installation
A premium impact resistant roofing product usually installed over elevated battens and can be considered a luxury product offering aesthetics appeal.  These tiles can range in weight from 800 to 2200 pounds per 100 square feet, and unless repairing or replacing an existing system, a structural engineer should inspect and approve the load ratings for such products in writing. For installation information, fill out our form.

Ludowici Spanish Tile

Products Brand Examples:

  • Ludowici
  • Boral