Since 1960 Alpine Roofing Ltd. has provided professional roofing maintenance services for many satisfied customers.

Preventative maintenance of roofs can extend the roof’s life expectancy. Lack of proper maintenance is one of the main causes for premature roof failures. Minor problems can create potentially much larger problems, which in turn can become more costly. Along with the natural roof aging process that each roof system goes through, they are stressed daily by the natural elements of our Colorado climate.

Having roof maintenance plans in place can extend the useful life of any roof, as well as protect the contents of the building. Therefore, preventative roof maintenance can make the most economical sense.

Warranty Services

Roofing systems installed by Alpine Roofing Ltd. may be covered by long term manufacturer warranties in addition to our own workmanship warranties.

Alpine Roofing Ltd. is authorized by a large number of roofing material manufacturers and can perform warranty repairs to existing roofs that are currently under manufacturer’s warranties.

Most roofing system manufacturers require routine inspections and general maintenance for their commercial roofing system warranties to remain valid. Alpine Roofing Ltd. provides this inspection service tailored to meet your roof’s needs.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance are an important part of building ownership. Your gutters are the collection system, on the edge of your roof. They are designed to divert water that is running off your roof to downspouts. Without gutters, the water would run off your roof in curtains. Unfortunately, your gutters also collect debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt. If too much debris collects in your gutters, there is nowhere for the water to go and gutter cleaning becomes necessary.

Gutters are the first line of defense against erosion of soil around your building foundation. A gutter system is supposed to carry running water off your roof to the downspouts so it does not saturate the soil next to your building. If this soil is saturated, then you run the risk of getting the foundation wet. A foundation exposed to water can lead to a multitude of problems.

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year. You should complete this project in early spring (to clear out any left over ice and debris that has accumulated over the winter) and in late fall. Fall is perhaps the most important time of year to clean your gutters because leaves and debris gather the most during this time. Gutters need to be clear of debris before the melting snow of winter begins to prevent additional stress on the gutters and downspouts.

Alpine Roofing Ltd. also offers a gutter protection system that consists of a foam insert. This material can be installed in a new or existing gutter system to minimize, or possibly eliminate gutter cleaning.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Asset Manager is Alpine Roofing Ltd.’s preventative maintenance program that will:

  • Be convenient & cost effective for the present & the future
  • Track roof repairs & expenditures
  • Supply owners with knowledge and conditions of roof
  • Track each inspection and findings
  • Help building owners manage their building roof assets.
  • 24-48 Hour emergency response on urgent leaks is our goal.

What our program offers:

  • Scheduled Inspections: Regularly Scheduled inspections could be set up so you don’t have to call us. (Quarterly, Bi-annually or Annually)
  • Estimates: We will let you know what your roof will cost now to re-roof, repair, or maintain.
  • Proposals & Reports: We provide detailed proposal and reports so you are completely informed on the status of your roof.